Heading Home: What We Found “Somewhere Along the Way”

The Journey to Santiago de Compostela makes you a Pilgrim. The Camino is not a trail to be walked or a destination to be reached. The Camino is a parable and a reality at once. It is done within and without each day.

The question has been asked is the Camino Life or is Life a Camino? It is both. As a parable, century old churches contain artifacts used to illustrate spiritual lessons. Amazing carvings and paintings have told stories to tens of thousands for hundreds of years. The architectural genius of the builders of the the great cathedrals of Burgos, Leon, and Santiago is unbelievable. Even those in ruin such as San Anton refuse to stop inspiring. It’s very existence is something to be contemplated.

As a reality, the Camino makes you simpler, brings you close to nature, and connects you to the people of Spain and other pilgrims. A light pack carries all you own; a change of clothes, rain gear, snacks, and water. As you see the sunrise each morning, the songs of birds greet the day, and the breeze moves a sea of wheat. The morning walk brings on hunger. Then an open Spanish bar run by a welcoming Spaniard appears. Experiencing that first coffee Americano, zumo de naranja, croissant, and tortilla is heaven. When you turn around somebody you met a day or two before appears. Nourishment for body and soul.

Why did we make this journey? In the beginning and even now it was and is an expression of gratitude. However, 42 days later it is much more. The Camino is Life and Life is a Camino. The answer is paradoxical and can be understood by our experiences on the Way.

Thank you for following us on our journey. We are reminded that Life like the Camino is a journey not a destination. The understanding we bring home is to cherish the beauty and challenges of each day’s journey in life as on the Camino. Live in the Present.

Now that We have Arrived: Thoughts & Memories

Walking for 40 days with my best friend

The crunch crunch of gravel underfoot

Morning sunrises

Cool air

Beautiful flowers and plants

Birds songs in the morning including cuckoos

Other pilgrims who kept turning up

The smells of Spain

The path fading into the horizon

Seeing beautiful churches

Towns that are seen in the distance, but take forever to walk to

Finding a strange new place to sleep each night

Seeing deserted streets during afternoon siesta time

Sleeping 9 hours a night

40 days of having only three things to do: walk, eat, and sleep

Overcoming challenges and difficulties along the way

Learning to make plans, but to appreciate the way each day actually unfolds and the gifts that it offers

When the Journey Ends

We are one day’s walk from Santiago. Today we passed a memorial to a 69 year old Pilgrim who died on the Camino just a single day from Santiago. It is a reminder that we never know when the journey will end.

Today was possibly the prettiest of the walk. Maybe not such a bad place to step through a thin place such as this to the other side.

Words along the Way

A Moments of Joy